T.D.O. Review, Zombie Command

The Dead Outside is the first feature film from Kerry Anne Mullaney and Kris R. Bird’s Mothcatcher Films and features debut performances from Alton Milne (Daniel) and the then 16 year old Sandra Louise Douglas (April).

Set in the Highlands of Scotland (although filmed in the Borders) Mullaney and Bird tell an intimate tale of two survivors of a neurological disease which has effected all of Britain (and possibly the rest of the world). As the story progresses we’re introduced to Sharon Osdin as Kate, who threatens to break the strained relationship these two survivors have formed. With a closed off April refusing to reveal exactly her story it soon becomes clear that there’s much more to her existence than is first apparent.

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T.D.O. Review, Mathew F Riley

Another twist on the zombie genre – a neurological pandemic has swept the United Kingdom, but those with the infection don’t die immediately, becoming increasingly incoherent, unstable and violent. The infection mutated, went airborne and the government’s so-called vaccine only slowed down the symptoms. The result: the infectious period was extended and the disease spread unnoticed and the virus wiped out most of the misinformed population. Six months later, and the landscape is littered with wandering psychopaths and scavenging survivors.

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