T.D.O. Review, Quiet Earth

A neurological pandemic has swept the United Kingdom, but those with the infection don’t die immediately, becoming increasingly incoherent, unstable and violent. The infection mutated, went airborne and the government’s so-called vaccine only slowed down the symptoms. The result: the infectious period was extended and the disease spread unnoticed and the virus wiped out most of the misinformed population. Six months later, and the landscape is littered with wandering psychopaths and scavenging survivors.

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The Dead Outside premieres at Film4 FrightFest tomorrow!

The Dead Outside has its World Premiere tomorrow (August 25th, 08) at 11.30am at the Odeon Leicester Square, London!  Director Kerry Anne Mullaney will be introducing the film, then Kerry and producer Kris R. Bird will be doing a Q&A afterwards.  Hope to see you there!!